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Fall & Winter 2022

We proudly present our Fall & Winter collection 2022. A special selection of chocolate decorations for the finishing touch to your seasonal sweet delicacies. This will help create added value for your customers and your business.

Winter Wonderland Webinar 2022

Tijdens deze webinar van ongeveer 35 minuten presenteren we u onze 2022 Najaar & Winter assortiment, vol inspirerende patisserie-ideeën voor dit seizoen, met onze nieuwe en aangepaste (E171-vrij) producten. Click here!

Cookie jar surprise

Download the collection

Download the collection here!

Starring Coffee in a cup
Autumn feeling
Maple pancake entremêt
Mango Kalamansi Sorbet
Spice cake by candle light
Halloween lollipops
Halloween cup
Joyful mummy gateaux
Spooky lollipops
Chocolate Mont Blanc
Christmas crown
Candle spice cake
Hazelnut wreath
Snowball dessert
Lebkuchen Snowman Coupole
Traditional Christmas pudding
Forest fruit wreath
Christmas greeting
Christmas cakes
Baked Alaska tree
Santa snack