The Collection 2017

Dobla stands for Innovation in Chocolate and Doing things differently. At this moment in time Nature is trending. At the Sirha Dobla will be launching a completely new concept of chocolate decorations inspired by Nature. Each decoration is unique in design and as beautiful and imperfect as Nature itself!

International market and panel research have given us insights of the customer’s needs and desires. They prefer an imperfect and natural look for our decorations; ready to use and preferably as beautiful as the real things around us. Have a look at our new range of Fruits & Spices.

These new product are introduced in the new Collection 2017. This time there will be two. One for the Artisan collection and one for the Food service. The two catalogues contain the same decorations but they are used in a different way. All the product and recipe pictures are new the recipes are enclosed as well.

Download the collection here