Bart de Gans

Bart is a member of the Dutch Pastry Team, a group of the most talented chefs in the Netherlands. He has worked as a pastry chef and product developer at the well-known Patisserie Jarreau in The Hague. He won first prize in the Tastiest BonBon-contest in 2012. With his sculpture ‘Ocean Secrets’ he became Dutch champion Ice Carving in 2015. Bart is a respected member of many national and international juries.

From 2015 he has been a key player in the Dobla Innovation team Europe. Since then he has led many innovations and product developments, always searching for and exploring new techniques. 

Christian Balbierer

From a young age Chef Christian has had a passion for pasty, which led him to prestigious schools like French Pastry School in Chicago, IL and Notter School of Pastry Arts in Orlando, FL. In these renowned schools he honed his skills and gained a profound understanding of the art and science behind pastry making.

Upon completing his studies, Chef Christian ventured into the culinary scene in Atlanta, GA, where he joined a prominent restaurant group. Here, he used his creative flair and culinary ingenuity to craft exquisite dessert menus for a collection of distinguished restaurants throughout Atlanta.

Driven by his ambition and desire to create something uniquely his own, Chef Christian began on a new chapter in his career. Co-founding a Café and Wholesale Bakery, he embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship, supplying top-tier desserts and custom cakes to an array of restaurants and caterers in the local culinary landscape. 

Through his years of dedication and hard work, Chef Christian has emerged as a pillar of expertise in both fine dining and food manufacturing. As a member of our U.S. team, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Using these tools, he works to combine the Irca ingredients and Dobla decorations into creative solutions.

Federico Vedani​​​​

Chef Federico got his degree as a professional pastry chef in ALMA, the international school of Italian cuisine, founded by the Michelin star chef Gualtiero Marchesi, studying alongside with some of the best pastry chefs based in Italy. 
After the degree, moved by an increasing interest in approaching different styles, he starts working in pastry shops and restaurants touring around Italy and also abroad.  
Joining Irca in 2017, he starts his job as a corporate chef taking care of the European market and also participating in world fairs in Asia and the US, the perfect match to conjugate the passion for work with coming into contact with different cultures. 
For the past two years he has covered the role of Irca Academy Manager, hosting trainings for national and international partners and gathering Italian pastry Maestros for premium classes in Italy. 
From 2024 he has started his new adventure in Vietnam at Dobla Asia Pacific as a resident corporate pastry chef.

Lars Vierhout

At the age of 14, chef Lars started in his local bakery as an apprentice. Work his way up through several bakeries/pastry shops in the Netherlands, before joining a large American producer of bakery ingredients. 
Over the years, he traveled out of Europe on a journey that brought him to larger industrial bakeries and small pastry shops. Learning different ways of producing and implementing new techniques and flavors. 
Always pushing himself on learning new techniques and recipe’s creations (we are never too old to learn). Always looking for new ideas and concepts outside of the world of pastry to be on the lasted trends. 
Joining Dobla & Irca in 2021 as an Innovative Pastry Chef and creative mind to combine the Irca ingredients and Dobla decorations for the best results.

Michel Willaume

Born in France. He has studied with a number of the world’s pastry luminaries and holds a master in French pastry, having studied in the classical European tradition. He is a patissier and chocolatier with an amazing track record. For the last 20 years he was involved with education, product development and creation of pastry at an international level.

His participation in various international pastry competitions was awarded with a 1st price in New York during the Festival Gastronomique and with the World Champion title in Lyon at the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie. Michel educates for Dobla new talented Chefs through our partnership with the EPGB School in Barcelona and travels the world to help develop product and to organize demonstrations.

Omar Ibrik

Omar has always had a thing for pastry, a passion born thanks to his pastry chefs uncles in the Middle East. He soon decided to turn it into a profession, graduating in 2021 at the Giovanni Falcone Institute in Gallarate and starting a training career that led him in 2022 to join IRCA & Dobla in 2024.

Maurits van der Vooren R.I.P.

Keeping his legacy alive.


In March 2021 Maurits passed away. 

Maurits was a beautiful person with a truly unique talent that inspired us and many others. We greatly miss him.


In memory of his creativity, we keep his legacy alive.