Flamingo pastry



Pain de genes
IRCA Almond Marzipan 300
Egg 195
Egg white 112.5
Lime Zest 3 pcs
Sugar 105
Cake flour 75
Butter 97.5

Osmanthus Apricot Gelee
Puree Apricot 250
Osmanthus Tea Leaf 25
IQF Apricot 100
Sugar 85
Gelatin 200 bloom 10
Cold Water 40

Milk Chocolate Ganache
Osmanthus Tea Leaf 13
Milk 105
Whipping Cream 22
IRCA Milk Chocolate 38% 200
Sea Salt Flake 3

Yogurt Mousse
Greek Yogurt 290
Gelatin 200 bloom 13
Whipping Cream 290
Italian Meringue 290
Cold Water 65

Sable Breton
Cake Flour 225
Sugar 160
Unsalted Butter 160
Egg Yolk 80
Baking Powder 15
Salt 3


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Sable Breton
- Beat the butter and sugar till light. Gradually add in egg yolk while mixing. Lastly add in dry ingredient. Bake at 170 for 15 mins.

Pain de Genes
Warm up the marzipan and blend in the egg. Whip until fluffy and mix in the lime zest. Make meringue with egg white and sugar. Fold the meringue into the Marzipan- sabayon mixture then follow with the Cake flour. Lastly, Fold in the butter. Bake 180’C for approximately 7 min.

Osmanthus Apricot Gelee
- Infuse the tea leaf and warm puree overnight. Sieve the tea leaf and boil the puree with IQF apricot and sugar. Add in gelatin solution.

Milk Chocolate Ganache
-Boil cream and milk pour in melted milk chocolate and emulsify.

Yogurt Mousse
- Standby Italian Meringue and whipped cream. Fold in Italian meringue into yogurt follow by whipped cream, lastly add in gelatin solution.