Linzer Torte

The Linzer Torte is super classy but a little bit old fashioned by reinventing this classic we change it but keeping the basic elements. The texture and fillings are well balanced and tasty. The reason for use this decoration "Chocolate Raspberry" is the perfect solution to achieve a longer shelf life.
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Almond Sablé

  • Butter 84% 240g
  • Salt 4g
  • Icing Sugar 180g
  • Almond Powder 60g
  • Whole Eggs 100g
  • Flour (Patent) 120g
  • Flour (Patent) 350g
  • Total 1054g

Almond Sablé

- Combine the softened butter, salt, Icing sugar, almond powder, eggs and first measurement of flour. Mix only to incorporate

- Once the mixture is homogeneus, add the second measurement of flour

- Roll the dough out between two parchment paper sheets and refrigerate

- Bake in the oven at 150 - 160 ᵒC

Almond Raspberry Past

  • Almond Paste 50% 600g
  • Raspberries fresh 150g
  • Lime Juice 35g
  • Total 785g

Almond Raspberry Past

- Mix  Almond Paste and lime juice

- Add the fresh raspberries

- Pipe into the baked shell


  • Raspberry Puree 700g
  • Fresh Raspberries 40g
  • Sugar 100g
  • Glucose Powder 120g
  • Pectine NH 12, 5g
  • Calamondin Juice 10g
  • Total 983g


- Heat half of the puree

- Add at 40°C the sugar, pectine and glucose powder

- Bring to the boil

- Add the rest of the puree and Calamondin juice

Vanilla Ganache

  • Cream 35% 190g
  • Honey 40g
  • Lime Zest 5g
  • White Chocolate 275g
  • Cream 35% 500g
  • Total 1011g

Vanilla Ganache

- Heat the small part cream, honey, vanilla pod and lime zest. Infuse and strain

- Add the melted white chocolate and mix

- Add the cold cream and emulsify with a handblender

Assembly, layout and finishing

Enjoy this exciting recipe.

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