Lemon merengue

The number one in the world when life gives you lemons make lemon pie. Soft lemon cremeux chrunchy merengue makes this combination outstanding. Floral decoration on this merengue shaped flower a perfect combination to present.
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Almond Sablé

  • Butter 84% 240g
  • Salt 4g
  • Icing Sugar 180g
  • Almond Powder 60g
  • Whole Eggs 100g
  • Flour (Patent) 120g
  • Flour (Patent) 350g
  • Total 1054g

Almond Sablé

- Combine the softened butter, salt, Icing sugar, almond powder, eggs and first measurement of flour. Mix only to incorporate.

- Once the mixture is homogeneus, add the second measurement of flour.

- Roll the dough out between two parchment paper sheets and refrigerate.

- Bake in the oven at 150 - 160ᵒC.

Frangipane lemon

  • Almond Paste 500g
  • Melted Butter 40ᵒC 250g
  • Lemon Juice 75g
  • Egg Yolk 175g
  • Lemon Zest 30g
  • Total 1030g

Frangipane lemon

- Mix the Almond Past, Lemon Juice and Lemond Zest.

- Add the Egg Yolk and incorporate the melted butter.

Lemon Yuzu Crémeux

  • Lemon Juice 170g
  • Yuzu Juice 60g
  • Sugar 230g
  • Whole Egg 230g
  • Egg Yolk 115g
  • Butter 170g
  • Gelatin 5g
  • Water 25g
  • Total 1005g

Lemon Yuzu Crémeux

- Heat the juice and cook like an anglaise with the eggs, egg yolk and sugar to 84°C.

- After cooking add the gelatin and cool down to 40°C.

- Blend the butter (using a hand blender) to achieve a smooth emulsion.

Merengue Yoghurt Lime

  • Egg White 100g
  • Sugar 200g
  • Icing Sugar 100g
  • Potato Starch 20g
  • Yoghurt Powder 15g
  • Fresh Lime Zest 5g
  • Total 440g

Merengue Yoghurt Lime

- Dissolve the sugar and the egg white at 50°C in an au bain marie to 3.

- Beat the egg white.

- When firm add the icing sugar, potato starch and yoghurt powder.

- Decorate and bake at 90°C.

Assembly, layout and finishing

Prepare the tarts using almond sable and cook to golden brown.
Add the francipane lemon and fill the tart max 40% bake again.
Add lemon cremeux en finish with the merengue which is prepared in advance.
Finally add the chocolate decoration Daisy & Chocolate lemon.

Enjoy this exciting recipe.

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