Caramel Hazelnut

Spice cream and smoked almond make this small pastry stand out from the rest.



Smoke Almond Chantily
Almond Slice 200
Whipping Cream 900

Almond Infusion Cream 900
IRCA milk Chocolate 38% 160
Honey 40
Gelatine Powder 10
Water 50

All Spice Cream
Milk 130
Whipping Cream 130
Egg Yolks 100
Sugar 34
IRCA Dark Chocolate 68% 150
All Spice 2
Sea Salt 1

Almond Biscuit
Icing Sugar 125
Ground Almond 125
Whole Eggs 170
Egg Yolk 20
IRCA Almond Paste 40
Potato Starch 25
Melted Butter 90
All Spice 2
Cocoa Powder 2

Egg White 100
Sugar 25

Salted Streusel
Unsalted Butter 135
Almond Powder 135
Cake Flour 135
Brown Sugar 135
Sea Salt Flake 4


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Smoke Almond Chantily
- Bake the almond till black and burn. Pour in the cream let it 2 hours.
Make a ganache by warm the infused cream with honey and pour into melted chocolate, blend well with gelatin. Lastly fold in the whipped cream.

All Spice Cream
- Make Anglaise add in the all spice. Pour the hot cream into the melted chocolate until perfect emulsion. Let crystallize completely in the refrigerator

Almond Biscuit
- Whisk up all ingredients except melted butter, then fold in meringue. Lastly melted butter.

Salted Streusel
- Blend Well and flatten keep chilled. Bake at 165c.