Americano: Tartelette

made by William Dekker



Short pastry
900g Flour
640g Butter
560g Sugar
200g Eggs
6g Salt
5g Coffee powder
5g Black colouring
25g Cocoa powder

Coffee Cake
660g Eggs
496g Sour cream
1pc Vanillebean
595g All purpose flour
595g Sugar
7g Baking powder
7g Baking soda
11g Salt
510g Butter

Coffee syrup “americano”
100g Espresso
100g Water
100g Sugar

Cream cheese icing
1360g Philadelphia Cream cheese
900g Powdered sugar
226g Butter
226g Shortening

Coffee Jelly
250g Neutral jelly
50g Coffee beans


Download pdf (4kB)

Coffee Cake
Sieve dry ingredients and mix. Add soft butter, sour cream and finally the eggs. Bake as a biscuit between 10-20mm thickness. Trempeer with coffee syrup. Plate with round plug and place in tartelette.

Coffee syrup “americano”
Mix all ingredients and bring to a boil. Let simmer untill you have the right consistency.

Cream cheese icing
Whip the cream cheese untill smooth. Add butter and gently whisk. Mix and add powdered sugar. Heat the icing so that it is extra soft and fill the silicone mold.

Coffee Jelly
Heat the jelly to 80-90ºC and pour over the beans. Let set for 24 hours and sieve.

Bake tartlet. Bake coffee cake and place in tartelette. Fill tartelette with creamcheese icing to just below the edge. Place creamcheese on top. (lightly spray extra white cocoa butter for contrast) Place a few drops of coffee jelly on top. Decorate with Filter Dark and Golden crumble.