Dobla Store

Dobla Store is our pilot store. It is a true chocolate paradise. The store is located in the historical center of Alkmaar, the city where Dobla started. Our account managers show their clients the effect of a chocolate decoration on pastry.

The second floor of the Dobla Store is the Dobla Museum, where you can see the history of Dobla. 

The Dobla Store is also ideally located as a refuge during a shopping spree. 

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Dobla Museum

Dobla ranks among the absolute top in chocolate decorations for the professional bakery and food service industry. Dobla has more than 300 employees in four countries: USA, Belgium, The Netherlands and Vietnam. This began in 1950 in Alkmaar. On the second floor of the Dobla Store you will find the Dobla Museum, where you will see the story of Dobla. It begins with the creation of the bakery by Mr. and Mrs. Blank Dontje in the 50s. And is still continuing, with a recent highlight of the opening of the Pacific Dobla Pastry Academy Vungh Tau (Vietnam). 

When the Dobla Store is open, you are welcome to visit the Dobla Museum.

Address Dobla Store

MIent 2
1811 NC Alkmaar
T: 072 - 502 42 42

Opening hours

Tuesday - Friday 9:00 - 17:30

Saturday 9:00 - 17:00