Dobla succesfully participates in Sirha Lyon

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Chocolate decoration specialist Dobla reflects on a succesful participation in Sirha. At the renowned hospitality and food service event in Lyon, Dobla launched the Chocolate Oyster as part of the ‘All-Time-Favorites’ theme.

Served from the eye catching ‘Chocolate Oyster Bar’, Dobla’s European pastry chefs surprised visitors with handmade chocolate decorations in the shape of an oyster that visually could not be distinguished from the real seafood classic: a true scoop for the French and international audience present at Sirha. The introduction of the Chocolate Oyster completes Dobla’s Nature Range, a collection of handmade chocolate decorations inspired by nature, such as fruits, spices and nuts. On Monday January 28, several international pastry teams competed for the World Pastry Cup (Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie) at Sirha, the world’s most prestigious pastry contest. Winner of the cup was Dobla-sponsored Team Malaysia.

Chocolate Oyster Bar surprises French audience

Harm Jansen (Corporate Business Development Director at Dobla) explains: “We wanted to surprise and excite the French audience and international visitors at Sirha with our visually spectacular and indulgent presentations and tastings. The absolute highlight was our eye catching Chocolate Oyster Bar. In order to stay innovative, daring to surprise and being different is essential. With the introduction of the Chocolate Oyster, we have definitely succeeded in our mission to excite. We are very proud that our chocolate decorations have been enthusiastically received by the audience, with special thanks to the craftsmanship of our pastry chefs.”

Dobla congratulates Team Malaysia with winning Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie

Dobla congratulates chef Otto Tay and his Malaysian pastry team on their victory at the World Pastry Cup 2019 (Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie). The team that was sponsored by Dobla, previously won the Asian Pastry Cup in april 2018, the most renowned pastry contest in Asia. With that triumph, participation in the World Pastry Cup was guaranteed. During the international grande finale on Monday January 29, the creative and innovative chefs convinced both the professional jury and visitors of Sirha with impressive showpieces of chocolate and sugar, a vegan dessert and chocolate pastry. Therefore the Malaysian team can now call itself World Pastry Champion 2019.