Tripplo: Coffee Merengue

made by Bart de Gans



Coffee lime merengue
100g Egg white
200g Sugar
100g Icing sugar
20g Starch
5g Lime zest

Milk Chantilly
500g Liquid cream
100g Milk couverture 40%

Mandarin calamansi compote
125g Mandarin puree
25g Calamansi puree
50g Glucose
45g Sugar
11g Pectin NH
4g Citric acid
400g Mandarin confit


Download pdf (4kB)

Coffee lime merengue
Combine egg white and sugar. Place in a bowl and mix aux Bain Marie until it reaches a temperature of 50° C. Transfer the mixture to a mixer and beat until soft peaks. Add the sifted starch and icing sugar gently fold in the mixture.
Pipe, sprinkle with ground coffee and lime zest bake at 90° C

Milk Chantilly
Boil the cream and pour over the couverture, mix and store in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours.Whip with a mixer fitted with the whisk attachment like a Chantilly.

Mandarin calamansi compote
Weigh out 1/10 the of the sugar and combine with the pectin. Heat the mandarin puree and the calamansi puree to 50° C and add the pectin/sugar mixture to pre-cook the pectin. Bring to the boil for one minute add the glucose with the remaining sugar. Cook up to 105° C at this temperature pour the citric acid diluted at 50% water and 50% citric acid. Add the mandarin confit add 50° C and mix will.