Tiramisu Brownie

Tiramisu Brownie



g 100 Lilly Tiramisu
g 100 Water
g 500 Cream 35% (soft whip)
g 10 Joypaste Tiramisu
Mix water, Joypaste and Lilly Tiramisu, then fold in with cream. Pipe into silicon mold then freeze.

g 750 IRCA Brownie Choc
g 190 Cold water
g 190 Soft butter
g 150 Walnut
Brownie base: mix all ingredients all together using paddle attachment 3-5 minutes on medium speed. Then, fold in the walnut. Spread batter into jellyroll pan and bake at 180°C for 15-25 minutes. Let it cool. Cut into squares then place the frozen tiramisu mouse on top of the brownie and decorate with Happy Cao dusting.


Download pdf (4kB)

Description will follow soon.