Strawberry Swiss Roll

Strawberry Swiss Roll



Sponge roll
g 500 Biscumix
g 300 Water
g 60 Oil
Whip all the ingredients in a planetary mixer for 10 minutes at high speed. Spread the batter in jelly roll pan molds with baking paper, about 1cm height. Bake the cake for about 10-15 minutes do not over bake. Let it cool.

Diplomat Cream
g 200 Imperial cream
g 500 Cold milk or water
g 2 Vanilla bourbon
g 300 Whipped cream
(stable whipping cream)
(filling) Fruttidor Fragola
Mix water, vanilla and imperial cream using a wire attachment 5minutes high speed, then manually fold in whipping cream until fully incorporated. Spread the filling into the cake then roll. Apply cream icing then freeze for about an hour. Glaze the cake using Mirror Fragola. Decorate with Dobla.


Download pdf (4kB)

Description will follow soon.