Star Anise Pastry

Made by Otto Tay. Inspired by India, when travel to India, I was amazed by the smell of the mixture of spices when I visited the dry market. All the mixture of spices smell. By using the Asian spices, I found out it goes well with raspberry flavor, a taste of sweet and acidic with a hint of the unique Star Anise was surprisingly awesome.



Chocolate Sugar Tart
250g Cake flour
175g Unsalted butter
25g Cocoa powder
100g Icing sugar
50g Eggs

Chocolate Flourless Sponge
150g Egg yolks
200g Egg white
240g Sugar
75g Cocoa powder

Raspberry Jam
257g Whipping cream
250g Frozen raspberry IQF
125g Sugar
125g Glucose
50g Sugar
2.5g Pectin

Star Anise Cremeux
257g Whipping cream
23g Sugar
60g Egg yolks
3g Gelatin
12g Water
25g Butter
4g Whole star anise
23g Dextrose

Intense Chocolate Mousse
153g Milk
153g Whipping cream
30g Sugar
63g Egg yolks
330g Dark chocolate 70%
60g Cocoa mass
525g Whipping cream


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Chocolate Sugar Tart:
Mix flour, butter and cocoa powder until the flour reaches a sandy texture (rub-in-method). Add icing sugar and eggs and knead until it formed dough. Flatten the dough and rest in the fridge for 1 hour. Lined in tart rings. Bake in at 170°C for approximately minutes.

Chocolate Flourless Sponge:
Whip egg yolk and 60g of sugar until thick and fluffy. Make a meringue with the remaining sugar and egg whites. Fold cocoa powder into yolk mixture. Fold in meringue carefully and bake in a ring. Bake at deck oven at 170°C for approximately 20 minutes.

Raspberry Jam:
Boil raspberry, glucose and 125g sugar. Mix another 50g of sugar with pectin and pour over simmering raspberry mixture. Continue cooking until 104°C and add in lemon juice.

Star Anise Cremeux:
Warm cream and infuse star anise for 30 minutes. Cook cream till boil and temper eggs and sugar then make a Crème Anglaise. Then add gelatin. Add butter when mixture is below 50°C.

Intense Chocolate Mousse:
Proceed to creme Anglaise with milk, cream, sugar and yolk. Pour the Anglaise over the dark chocolate. Cool down to 45°C, and fold in whipped cream.