Chocolate Coco creamuex
g 110 Liquid cream 35%
g 110 Fresh milk
g 50 Egg yolk
g 115 Reno Dark 52%
g 50 Butter
g 20 Coconut milk
g 10 Coconut rum
Cook the liquid cream, coconut milk with milk and egg yolks at 85°C. Poor on the chocolates. At 35°C, add the soft butter, rum and mix until obtaining a smooth and unctuous cream. Pipe into the cup followed by the crumble.

Mousse Mango
g 100 IRCA Lilly Neutral
g 100 Water
g 500 Whipping cream
g 100 Joypaste Pastry Mango
To make the mousse, whip the cream(soft whip.) Mix, Dissolved Lilly Neutral and warm water then add Joypaste Mango. Finally fold in with soft whip cream.

Mango Caramel
g 300 Fresh mango cubes
Pralin Delicrisp Caramel Fleur De Sel g 100
Microwave up to 50°C then mix. Let it cool.


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