g 500 American Cheesecake
g 700 Water
g 50 Joypastry Rosa
g 400 Cream 35% (whipped)
g 100 Lilly Neutral
Mix water and American Cheesecake with a whisk then add the Joypastry. Whip the cream by 3/4 with Lilly Neutral and cold water then gently combine with the mixture, previously prepared. Pipe mixture in a silicone mold then freeze.

Tart Shell
g 450 Cake flour
g 275 Soft butter
g 73 Egg yolk
g 183 Icing sugar
g 2 Salt
For the tart shell mix all ingredients for 2-3 min using a paddle attachment. Cover the dough with plastic wrap and chilled for 1 hour before rolling and molding into the tart shell mold. Roll the dough at 4 mm then bake at 180°C for 10-12 min. Let it cool. Spread Pralin Delicrisp Fruit Rouge inside the baked tart shell about 3 mm. Glaze the frozen cheesecake with Mirror neutral at 35-40°C, place inside the tart shell, decorate with chocolate crumble or biscuits. Finally decorate with mini spears and Dobla Signature Rose. 


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Description will follow soon.