Mousse Passion
g 200 Lilly Neutro
g 200 Water or Milk (20-25°C)
g 200 Passion Fruit Puree
g 1000 Cream 35% Fat (4-5°C)
Mix lukewarm water with Lilly Neutro and the puree, add the semi-whipped cream and mix gently. Pipe into an eclair silicone mould then halfway pipe Chocosmart Chocolate Filling freeze, again repeat pipe with the mousse. Glaze using Mirror Extra White with yellow coloring then spatter brush with black glaze with black color to give the passion fruit effect.

Chocolate Crumble
g 124 Butter
g 112 Cake flour
g 124 Almond powder
g 2 Salt
g 12 Cocoa powder
Mix all ingredients using a planetary mixer with the paddle attachment, then rest into the chiller, roll out the crumble into a thin sheet then cut using éclair shape cutter then bake at 180°C 8 to 10 minutes. Let it cool, place the glazed mousse on top of the crumble. Decorate with a Chocolate disk on both sides and finish with Dobla Passion Fruit and Spiral Dark.


Download pdf (4kB)

Description will follow soon.