Noisette Brownie

Noisette Brownie



Noisette Cream
g 200 Praline Amande Noisette or Praline Noisette
g 200 Liquid cream (boil)
g 350 Cream (soft whipped)
g 50 Lilly Neutral
g 50 Water
Boil liquid cream then pour into praline mix to achieve homogeneous mixture, Then add the combination of Lilly and water, finally, fold with the cream. Pipe into opal shape mould then freeze. Place the mouse on top of the brownie cake brushed with brandy syrup. Decorate with crumble, and assorted fruit coulis and slice berries.

g 750 IRCA Brownie Chocolate
g 190 Cold water
g 190 Soft butter
g 150 Walnut
Brownie base: mix all ingredients all together using paddle attachment 3-5 min on medium speed. Then fold in the walnut. Pipe into small silicone cylinder mold and bake at 180°C for 15-25 min. Let it cool.


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