Lungo: Café Gourmand

made by Michel Willaume



Coffee Granite
30cl Ristretto
55g Sugar

Yuzu mango caramel
160g Sugar
100g Yuzu puree
60g Mango puree
120g Soft butter
1g Salt
20g Heavy cream 35% fat

Opalys coffee “Chantilly”
150g Heavy cream 35% Fat
50g Coffee beans
50g Arabica
15g Inverted sugar
15g Glucose
55g Opalys 33% white chocolate
20g Cocoa butter
250g Heavy cream 35% fat

Glazed Cocoa nibs with orange blossom water
125g Cocoa nibs
35g Syrup 60%
2,5g Orange blossom water

Abinao chocolate disk
100g Abinao chocolate 85%

Andoa cream with yuzu
130g Heavy cream 35% fat
130g Yuzu puree
55g Egg yolks
50g Sugar
185g Andoa milk chocolate 39%

Caramelia Fleur de sel Praline
140g Heavy cream 35% fat
38g Inverted sugar
380g Caramelia milk chocolate 36%
60g Butter
0,9g Fleur de sel

Yuzu magdeleine cake
150g Whole eggs
150g Sugar
25g Inverted sugar
35g Honey
250g All purpose flour
7g Baking powder
100g Heavy cream 35% fat
30g Yuzu puree
160g Butter, melted


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Coffee Granite
Make 30cl of strong hot coffee (Ristretto) and dissolve the sugar inside. Pour into a recipient and freeze at -llºC. With a fork, grade the frozen syrup to form the granite and place directly into the frozen glass.

Yuzu mango caramel
In the saucepan, melt gradually the sugar then cook to light caramel. Stop the cooking by addin g the pre-heated pur ees. Add the butter by st ages and bring to 108ºC. Mix with hand blender and add the cream. Reserve in the chiller .

Opalys coffee “Chantilly”
Heat up the 200g of cream with the crunched coffee beans and bring to a boil. Strain and scale the infused cream to get total of 150g of infusion. Heat up back to 85ºC with the glucose and inverted sugar. Pour the hot liquid gradually into the melted chocolate and cocoa butter to obtain a perfect emulsion using hand blender. Add the cold liquid cream into the ganache mixing well and let crystallize 8 hours in the refrigerator. Whip until soft consistency and pipe.

Glazed Cocoa nibs with orange blossom water
Mix all ingredients together. Toast to the oven at 170ºC moving often to avoid the nibs to sticks to each others.

Abinao chocolate disk
Temper the chocolate and spread onto plastic sheet. Before crystallization cut the chocolate with round cutter and let crystallize.

Andoa cream with yuzu
Make creme anglaise with the cream, puree, egg yolks and sugar cooking until 84ºC. Pass through the hand blender and pour gradually into the melted chocolate to form a perfect emulsion. Let crystallize into the refrigerator.

Caramelia Fleur de sel Praline
Heat up the cream to 60ºC. Add in the inverted sugar to dissolve and to bring down the temperature down to 35ºC. Heat up the chocolate to 45ºc and butter to 32ºC, add salt and combine with out mixing. Pour gradually the hot cream into chocolate butter mixture and mix to obtain a perfect emulsion using the hand blender. Pour directly into a frame. Let crystallize 36 hours at 172 and 60% hygrometry. Cut in small squares of 1cm X 1cm and cover with tempered Caramelia chocolate. Sparkle directly some flakes of fleur de sel.

Yuzu magdeleine cake
Dissolve inverted sugar and honey with the whole eggs and st art mixing by addin g the sugar. Incorporate the sifted flour with baking powder and then pour the cream and puree. Finish by adding the melted butter (45ºC). Let rest in the refrigerator overnight. Pipe into rectangular silicon mold and place into the oven pre heated at 190ºc. Put down the temperature at 170º( and bake 7 to 8 minutes. Unmold and let cool down. Temper some Abinao chocolate and dip the base of the muffin . Place directly on top of serigraphy sh eet and let cryst allize .