Caramel Hazelnut

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Smoke Almond Chantily
Almond Slice 200
Whipping Cream 900

Almond Infusion Cream 900
IRCA milk Chocolate 38% 160
Honey 40
Gelatine Powder 10
Water 50

All Spice Cream
Milk 130
Whipping Cream 130
Egg Yolks 100
Sugar 34
IRCA Dark Chocolate 68% 150
All Spice 2
Sea Salt 1

Almond Biscuit
Icing Sugar 125
Ground Almond 125
Whole Eggs 170
Egg Yolk 20
IRCA Almond Paste 40
Potato Starch 25
Melted Butter 90
All Spice 2
Cocoa Powder 2

Egg White 100
Sugar 25

Salted Streusel
Unsalted Butter 135
Almond Powder 135
Cake Flour 135
Brown Sugar 135
Sea Salt Flake 4


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Smoke Almond Chantily
- Bake the almond till black and burn. Pour in the cream let it 2 hours.
Make a ganache by warm the infused cream with honey and pour into melted chocolate, blend well with gelatin. Lastly fold in the whipped cream.

All Spice Cream
- Make Anglaise add in the all spice. Pour the hot cream into the melted chocolate until perfect emulsion. Let crystallize completely in the refrigerator

Almond Biscuit
- Whisk up all ingredients except melted butter, then fold in meringue. Lastly melted butter.

Salted Streusel
- Blend Well and flatten keep chilled. Bake at 165c.