made by Menno Spataro



Vanilla Biscuit:
550g Sugar
600g Eggwhites
375g Flour
40g Cream powder
500g Egg yolks

Coffee chocolate mousse:
600g Cream
220g Dark chocolate 53%
100g Pate a bombe
200g Milk
10g Gelatin
30g Coffee beans

Coffee crumble:
50g Brown sugar
38g Butter
13g Chocolate 53%
50g Almond powder
45g Flour
8g Coffee powder

Vanilla white chocolate namelaka:
200g Milk
10g Glucose
400g Cream
380g ivoire
5g gelatine
3g vanille

3 Shots of coffee
3 Shots of cream
1 shots of vanille liquor


Download pdf (4kB)

Vanilla Biscuit:
Mix sugar and protein stiff. Beat the egg yolks and spatula this through the protein. Spatula quickly through the sieved powders. Pour on a plate of ± 1 cm height and bake at 220ºC

Coffee chocolate mousse:
Let the coffee beans infuse for a night in the cold milk. Beat the cream and create the pate a bomb. Boil the milk and dissolve the gelatin. Make an emulsion of milk with chocolate and et it harden. Before use, whip the mousse.

Coffee crumble:
Melt the butter and mix all the ingredients together to form a crumble. Bake the crumble at 180ºC.

Vanilla white chocolate namelaka:
Melt the chocolate together with the glucose. Boil the milk with the vanilla and let the gelatin dissolve. Make an emulsion. Mix the cold cream with the emulsion and let it harden overnight.

Mix all ingredients together and save for serving. For the smoke effect you can use dry ice.