Strawberry Sensation

made by Michel Willaume



Meringuette 210 gr egg whites 200 gr granulated sugar 200 gr confectioner’s sugar 5 gr curry powder
Prep a bain-marie by heating water in a sauce pan at 60ºC. In the mixing bowl combine the egg whites with the granulated sugar, place into the sauce pan whisking to incorporate air bubbles until the sugar dissolve completely. Remove from the bain-marie and cool down by whipping the egg whites until meringue consistency. Remove from the mixer and incorporate gradually the sifted confectioner’s sugar.
Place the meringue into a pastry bag with pastry tip of 6 mm and, onto a silicon mat lightly greased, pipe cylinders all over the sheet pan. Sparkle lightly with the curry. Let dry around 8 hours outside on a dry place.
When dry, slice small sticks.