The Classic Sacher Reinvented

Who is able to resist this all time Chocolate favorite desert? General description of recipe Sacher is founded in the famous hotel Sacher in Austria. These chocolate decorations exchanges the flavors and look and feel of chocolate.
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Dark chocolate sponge

  • Almond paste 197g
  • Egg yolks 96g
  • Whole egg 69g
  • Egg white 114g
  • Sugar 114g
  • Cocoa powder 46g
  • Patent flour 23g
  • Dark chocolate 70% 46g
  • Butter 46g
  • Total 750

Dark chocolate sponge

- Add the whole egg and egg yolks one by one at the almond paste beat lightly until fluffy.

- Mix the egg whites with the sugar and beat to a merengue.

- Sieve the patent flour.

- Melt the dark chocolate and butter, then mix a small portion of the merengue into the chocolate/butter mixture.

- Mix to achieve nice texture.

- Add the almond-egg-mixture and the sifted flour and cocoa powder finally add the rest of the merengue.

- Baking at 190°C. 


  • Dark Chocolate 350g
  • Milk 130g
  • UHT Cream 35% 525g
  • Total 1005g


-  Heat the milk to 60°C.

-  Melt the chocolate to 50°C.

- Incorporate the milk and make a ganache.

- fold the whipped cream at 45°C.

Orange Syrup

  • Sugar 100g
  • Orange Juice 150g
  • Total 250g

Orange Syrup

-  Cook all the ingredients in a pot to 104°C.

Chocolate Crumble

  • Butter 100g
  • Sugar Dark Brown 100g
  • Almond Shaving 100g
  • Flour 280g
  • Cocoa powder 20g
  • Orange Zest 5g
  • Total 605g

Chocolate Crumble

-  Mix all the ingredients together besides the butter.

-  Mix to get a perfect mass (mix).

-  Add the cold butter in cubes.

-  Mix on a high speed to get the perfect crumble.

-  Place in the desired mould and bake to golden brown.


  • Dark Chocolate 70% 250 g
  • Neutral gel 500 g
  • Cream 200 g
  • Water 50 g
  • Gelatin 4g
  • Total 1004g


 - Warm the cream pour slowly over the chocolate.

 - Immediately mix using an mixer to make a perfect emulsion.

-  Add the gelatin water mixture.

 - use around 40°C.

Assembly, layout and finishing

Enjoy this exciting recipe.

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