Raspberry Lemon Eclairs

The classic eclair originates from France. Who better to make these fantastic eclairs than our pastry chef Michel Willaume? A crispy baked choux pastry filled with a raspberry lemon cream, topped with jelly made from raspberries. Our new chocolate decorations, the Chocolate Raspberry and Chocolate lemon lid, not only provide a finishing touch and extra volume to this beautiful pastry but also indicate the key flavors.




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Pâte à choux

In a pan, bring to the boil the water, milk, salt, caster sugar, inverted sugar and butter. Sieve the flour. Stir the flour in and dry the formed dough on strong heat. Off the heat, add the eggs one by one. Pipe the choux. Bake at 180ºC vent close for 20 minutes and finish baking at 160ºC for 35 minutes in the deck oven, vent open.

Natural crunch for pâte à choux

In the mixer with a paddle attachment, mix all ingredients together until homogeneous; roll out the dough at 2mm thickness, freeze and cut with éclair cutter. Place on top before baking.

Raspberry Namelaka

Melt the chocolate until 40/45ºC and scale the glucose on top. Bring to a boil the milk, with the puree. Add the hydrated and melted gelatin mixing well and pour gradually the hot mixture into the melted chocolate to obtain a perfect emulsion using the hand blender. Add the cold liquid cream and let crystallize minimum 8 hours in the refrigerator. Fill the eclairs.

Raspberry IQF jam

Heat up to 40ºC the frozen raspberries with the sugar and the glucose. Add the mixture sugar/pectin into it, mixing well. Bring to boil and cook until 104ºC. Remove from heat and pour the lemon juice. Cool down rapidly and reserve. Fill small amount inside the eclairs.

Marzipan topper

Give the color to the marzipan by adding and mixing some drops to it. Roll the marzipan at 2mm thin and cut with éclair form cutter as much as you need.

Place on top on the éclair and glaze with the soft cod neutral glaze.

Lemon gel

Mix together and reserve.

Lemon “Chantilly”

Take the zest out from the lemons. Bring to a boil the cream with the zest and let infuse 10 min. Blend and pour gradually into the melted chocolate to make a good emulsion using the hand blender. Add the remaining cold liquid cream and let crystallize minimum 6 hours. Whip to consistency.

Place up side down the Dobla Éclair decoration on top of the marzipan. Pipe inside the lemon “Chantilly” using the cavity. Decorate with some lemon gel drops, Gratted nutmeg, Dobla Raspberry, and half lemon lead.