Peach Blossom

This eclair inspired pastry is our favorite way to turn one of the summer’s sweetest fruits into a truly amazing pastry. Peach, vanilla and merengue make this pastry a tasty addition to your assortment. Don’t forget to add our new Peach blossom as the finishing touch.



Prosecco Mousse
30g Refined sugar
30g Prosecco
3g Oveneve
6g Powdered gelatine 180 bloom
30g Water
15g Honey
30g Reduced muscat riversaltes (50%)
45g Prosecco
15g Marc de champagne
20g Lemon purée
272g Unsweetened cream 35%

White peach cremeux
200g white peach puree
1 Vanilla pod (spilt | scraped)
50g sugar
10g DE 60 glucose
50g water
2g agar agar

Beaume de venise jelly
200g sugar
300g beaume de venise
10g gelatine (soaked)
1g holy basil

200g almond meal
200g icing sugar
40g T45 flour
250g egg white
100g castor sugar

Lime Merengue
100g Egg white
200g Sugar
100g Icing sugar
20g Starch


Download pdf (4kB)

White peach ‘cremeaux’

Heat sugar, glucose & water to 37c. Blend together with puree & agar agar.

Beaume de venise jelly

Bring to 85c beaume de venise & sugar together, remove from heat. Add basil leaves, cover with clinfg film, allow to infuse until 60c. Remove basil, add soaked gelatine & reserve for 12 hrs before use.


Whisk egg whites to soft peak, add castor sugar gradually. Remove from mixing machine, fold in sieved almond, flour & icing sugar. Spread thinly on silpat mat & bake in pre-heat oven @ 160c for 6 minutes. Once cooled, cut rectangle plaques to fit mould. Spread a fine layer of pest on 1 side of each plaque

Freeze, reserve for assembly

Prosecco mousse

Whip the, oveneve,sugar and smallest part prosecco until it creates a firm foam. Mix the powdered gelatin with cold water and set aside. Reheat the reduced muscat and add gelatin mass and honey. Mix the whipped foam with Marc de Champagne, the other part of Prosecco, lemon purée, and the gelatin mass. Whip the cream into a lobed mass. Fold the cream gradually into the foam mass. Fill the merengue cup for 50% with mousse and keep a portion of the mousse separate to spray dots if needed.

Lime Merengue

Combine egg white and sugar. Place in a bowl and mix aux Bain Marie until it reaches a temperature of 50° C. Transfer the mixture to a mixer and beat until soft peaks. Add the sifted starch and icing sugar gently fold in the mixture. Add merengue to finished product