Dobla's nature

Dobla's Nature: a complete range of chocolate decorations inspired by nature. Each decoration is unique and as beautiful and imperfect as nature itself.

Finest range

Dobla's Finest range which makes the most refined dishes even more special. Each decoration is designed to the most fine detail.

Chef's collection

Dobla's Chef's Collection: our signature range of handmade chocolate decorations to give each recipe the handmade look and feel.


Dobla's Decorations collection: the value for money range amongst Dobla's high quality chocolate decorations


Dobla's Toppings collection: easy to use sprinkles to add value to your cakes and desserts


Dobla's Cups collection: tastefull ready to fill chocolate cups and rings

Assortment boxes

Dobla's collection of Assortment Boxes which offer a selected mix of our high quality chocolate decorations per box.


Dobla's collection of Logo's: customize your chocolate with your own logo or design


Dobla Donut Topper® and Dobla Cookie Topper® collection: a one piece sweet topping printed with a (customized) unique clear message / theme, that melts when easily put on top of a warmed sweet bakery product