Moustache cake

Delicious combination of dark chocolate, crunchy praliné & vanilla crème brûlée




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Chocolate Pain de Gènes

Marzipan 50%                                                 190g

Whole eggs                                                     225g

Flour type 45                                                     30g

Baking powder                                                   6g

Dark chocolate Sinfonia  68%                         115g

Butter                                                               55g


Chocolate pearls                                               75g


Soft the tempered marzipan by adding gradually the eggs into the mixing bowl. Heat up in the bain-Marie until 55ºC and with until soft peak. Meantime melt chocolate with butter at 55ºC. Add a small part of the whipped marzipan mixture into the melted chocolate/butter mixture and add the remaining part. Fold in the flour sifted with the baking powder, spread the pearls in the top, pour into the ring mold and bake at 180ºC. When cook, let cool down, unmold and

cut the sponge in slices to fit into the ring mold form.




Chocolate cream

Dark chocolate Sinfonia 68%                          290g

Milk                                                                 300g                           

Neutral glaze                                                   300g


Make a perfect emulsified ganache with the boiling milk and melted chocolate. Add the neutral glaze heated up until 70ºC. Mix well and reserve into the refrigerator.



Pralin delicrisp Classic                  


After softening the delicrisp, spread a thin layer on the surface of the sponge.
















Vanilla Crème brûlée

Heavy cream 35%                                           600g

Milk                                                                 120g

Vanilla pod                                                       3

Sugar                                                               120g

Egg yolks                                                         120g

Gelatin                                                                8g


Hydrate the gelatin in cold water. Make a crème anglaise with cream, milk, vanilla, sugar and egg yolks (85ºC). Add the melted gelatin, pass through the hand blender and pour into the silicone form. Freeze.




Light dark chocolate mousse

Milk                                                                 320g

Heavy cream 35 %                                          640g

Dark chocolate Sinfonia 68%                          375g

Gelatin                                                                5g


Hydrate the gelatin into cold water. Bring the milk to a boil, add the melted gelatin and pour gradually the hot mixture into the chocolate to create a good emulsion. Pass through the hand mixer and when temperature reach 45/50ºC, add the whipped cream. Mold and freeze.




Mirror Dark chocolate glaze


Melt the mirror at 45ºC and glaze.





White sugar dough