Filled chocolate cup based on a Mojito. Made by Bart de Gans



Lime meringue:
200g Sugar
65g Lime juice
100g Egg whites

Rhum anglaise:
200g Cream
40g Brown sugar
40g Egg yolks
2,8g Gelatin
40g Whipped cream
20g Brown rhum

Mojito ice cubes:
200g Mojito mixed liqueur
10g Sugar
4g Gelatin

Marinated pineapple:
250g Pineapple cubes (4x4mm)
100g Water
25g Lime juice
25g Rhum
5g Mint leaves
100g Refined sugar


Download pdf (4kB)

Lime meringue:
Heat up the sugar with lime juice to 120ºC.Add tje lightly whipped egg whites and process ad an Italian meringue.

Rhum anglaise:
Bring the puree and concentrate to a boil. Mix the sugar with doppelquelle, add the juice and gelatin and let it set.

Mojito ice cubes:
Soak the gelain in 5 parts water. Heat up 1/4 of the liqueur together with the sugar and add the gelatin. Add the reamingin liqueur. Let it cool and cut into cubes as needed.

Marinated pineapple:
Heat up the water and lime juice together with the sugar.V Bring to a boil for one minute.
Let the syrup cool down. Add the mint, rhum and pineapple cubes. Marinate for at least 2 hours in the fridge.