Honey pot caramel

As consumers are looking for something healthier, natural sweeteners like honey are highly popular. Combine the new Honey Pot and Honey comb yellow make a fantastic pastry to show this popular flavor.



Carbon Sablee Biscuit (IRCA Substitue Sfrulla)
60g Honey
40g Glucose
2g Orange Zest
5g Orange Juice
.05g Milled Rosemary

Wild Flower Honey Rosemary Concentrate
190g Butter
190g T45 Flour
115g Fine Sugar
40g Almond Flour
2g Salt
2g Carbon
2g Vanilla
80g Whole Eggs

Salted Honey Caramel
80g Honey
40g Sugar
190g Cream
60g Glucose
3g Salt
40g Butter

Orange Ginger Cremeaux
100g Honey
40g Lemon Juice
20g Lime Juice
5g Lime Zest
5g Grated Stem Ginger
140g Whole eggs
120g Sugar
5g Gelatine
200g butter


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Honey now recognized as a conservational hobby where bee producers are now creating new exciting flavours that reduce the added sugar to dessert in a natural way