Flowerpot Bunny

Delicious combination of hazelnut microwave sponge, mango & a passion fruit mousse




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Hazelnut microwaves sponge

Egg whites                                                       200g

HAZELNUT PRALINÉ 50%                               280g

Mix both ingredients with hand blender. Pour into a siphon and charge with 2 gas cartouches. Let rest 2 hours. Then prepare plastic glasses perforated in the base and fill 30g of sponge mixture. Heat up 40 seconds, full power in the microwaves. Cut the amount of sponge needed per flowerpot (7g)


Fruttidor mango IRCA

Spoon the Fruttidor mango over the top of the sponge (15g).


Passion fruit mousse

Cherry puree                                                   400g

LILLY NEUTRO                                                 100g

Cream 35%                                                      500g

Heat up at 50ºc half of the puree with the Lilly neutro to dissolve well. Pour the remaining puree. At 30ºC, fold in the whipped cream. Mold (20g) and refrigerate


Seed mixture

(Flax, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, Goji berries)

Cover the top of the flowerpot with a thin layer (5g).


Assembling & Decoration EASTER

After covering the top with the crumble, decorate with a small piece of hazelnut sponge, a cube of fresh mango, natural flower and DOBLA decoration selection.