Caramel Banana

Delivery and Take-away service is booming. Dobla presents inspiration for conveniently adding exciting desserts for Delivery and Take-away using Dobla’s Fillable range. This inspiration can also be used for plated desserts.



Marinated Banana
2 bananas
100 grams of sugar
100 grams water
50 grams of dark bacardi rum liquor
2 tonka beans

Caramel cream
150 grams of sugar
85 grams of cane sugar
125 grams of Bacardi rum
1 stick vanilla
1 star anise
1 tonka bean
1 cinnamon stick
40 grams butter
The juice of 2 limes

Banana Mousse
500 grams of banana puree
24 grams of gelatin
800 grams of milk chocolate
100 gram of Bacardi rum
1000 gram of whipped cream

Cake (biscuit)
100 grams of mascarpone
100 grams of egg
45 grams of sugar
5 grams milk
30 grams of flour
1 gram of baking powder
30 grams of butter


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Description will follow soon.