Cupcake dessert based on the traditional Delft's blue design. Combinatioon of blueberries, violets and yoghurt. The perfect base as a fillable, representing the cupcake. 24 cupcakes for this recipe.
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Yoghurt sponge

  • Plain Yoghurt 554g
  • Olive oil 525g
  • Eggs 525g
  • Sugar 933g
  • All purpose flour 335g
  • Cake flour 321g
  • Baking powder 16g
  • Salt 4g
  • Lemon broyage 20g
  • Total 3234g

Yoghurt sponge

- Make an emulsion with the yoghurt, eggs, sugar, salt vanilla, lemon and olive oil.

- Sift the dry ingredients and mix all together.

- Bake at 165°C

Blueberry compote

  • Blue puree 250g
  • Vanilla pod 2g
  • Kirsch wasser 15g
  • Sugar 60g
  • Pectin NH 6g
  • Bleu berries 250g
  • Lime juice 14g
  • Total 595g

Blueberry compote

- Heat the cherry puree together with the split vanilla pod, Kirsch wasser to 50ᵒC

- After about 20 minutes, strain the aromatics from the puree

- Mix the sugar with the pectin and add it to the preparation, together with the blue berries

- Bring it completely to the boil and then add the lime juice 

Violletta Mousse

  • Gelatine 9g
  • Water 45g
  • Cream 750g
  • Red fruit puree 250g
  • Sugar 150g
  • Vanilla 3g
  • Mascarpone 300g
  • Total 1507g

Violletta Mousse

- Soak the gelatine in the cold water

- Heat the 250gr  red fruit puree together with the vanilla and violette aroma

- Strain the vanilla and dissolve the gelatine in this mixture

- Mix the entire mass with the mascarpone

- Add the remaining 750 g of cream

- Refrigerate until use 

- Beat the cream to the desired consistency

Blueberry gel

  • Blueberry puree 447g
  • Sugar 422g
  • Glucose 89g
  • Sugar 89g
  • Yellow pectin 9g
  • Water 9g
  • Acid citrique 3g
  • Neutral gel 217 g
  • Total 1285g

Blueberry gel

- Mix 20% sugar with the yellow pectin.

- Add the mixture to the Blackcurrent puree. Mix well

- Let it swell for 15 min

- Bring the above to the boil

- Cook for 1 minute

- Add the sugar and the glucose

- Bring back to the boil

- Heat to 105 gr. Celsius

- Add the mixture of water acid citrique to the above (mix well)

- And immediately pour out on a plate, when it is sufficiently cooled mix the neutral gel below using the hand blender

Velvet spray

  • White Chocolate 300g
  • Sunflower oil 200g
  • White pigment 10g
  • Gold 5g
  • Total 515g

Velvet spray

- Heat the white chocolate and the sunflower oil to 45°C 

- Add the Coloring Using a Handblender

Assembly, layout and finishing

Prepare the yoghurt sponge and bake it in a cupcake tin
Remove the paper and place the sponge the Dobla Floral blue cupcake cup
Add the blueberry compote
Make the violet mousse and pipe into the dilicon mold, freeze, unmold and spray and cover with Velvet spray
Place on top of the chocolate cupcake and finish the plate with the blueberry gel

Enjoy this exciting recipe.

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