Tripplo: Vanilla rectangle

made by Bart de Gans



Flourless sponge cake
270g Pasteurized egg whites
90g Sugar
70g Pasteurized egg yolks
360g Dark chocolate couverture 58%
70g Butter

Vanilla cremeux
85g White couverture 35%
195g Cream 35%
5g Bourbon vanilla bean
1g Vanilla extract
3g Powdered gelatine
15g Water for gelatine
195g Chilled cream 35%

Coffee ganache
15g Glucose
165g Milk couverture
20g Cocoa butter
200g Fresh cream
27g Coffee expresso beans
27g Butter

Coffee chocolate glaze
100g Oil
350g Dulcey couverture
85g Caramelized almonds, chopped
5g Grounded coffee


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Flourless sponge cake
Whisk the egg whites and sugar. Separately, combine the dark chocolate couverture and butter. Once the egg whites are firm and out of the mixer, add the egg yolks, then carefully fold into the couverture and butter at a temperature of 42/44° C. Bake at a temperature of 180° C. Spread out on a baking sheet.

Vanilla cremeux
Bloom the gelatine in the chilled water for 20 minutes. Boil the cream, infuse the vanilla and add the gelatine.Pour over the white couverture and gently emulsify.Add the rest of chilled cream. Store for 24 hours before whipping in a mixer.

Coffee ganache
Make a light caramel with the sugar. Heat up the cream and pour it over the caramel together with the coffee and the glucose. Leave the coffee beans for at least 15 minutes in order to obtain a good coffee flavour. Strain the cream and pour it over the milk chocolate and the cocoa butter. Be careful not to allow the temperature to exceed 32° C. Finally add the butter and emulsify properly with the mixer.

Coffee chocolate glaze
Melt the couverture together with the oil to 45° C. Add the almonds and coffee.
Store and use at 35° C.