Lady Chapeau Pastry

made by Otto Tay



Sable Breton (Tonka Bean)
169g Egg Yolks
281g Sugar
476g Cake Flour
13g Baking Powder
2g Refined Salt
338g Unsalted Butter
2 pieces (grated) Tonka Bean

Tonka Almond Jaconde
260g Milk
260g Whipping Cream
200g Egg Yolks
68g Sugar
300g Dark Chocolate Nyangbo 64%
3 pieces (Infuse) Tonka Bean
1g Sea Salt

Almond Mousses
200g Almond Paste 50%
240g Almond Milk
240g Whipping Cream(a)
10g Gelatin
40g Water
400g Whipped Cream(b)
2 dropsBitter Almond Aroma

Tonka Chantily
500g Whipping Cream
1 piece (Infuse) Tonka Bean
185g White Chocolate Opalys
6g Gelatin
24g Water


Download pdf (766.72kB)

Sable Breton (Tonka Bean)

Creaming Method. Do not too fluffy.

Tonka Almond Jaconde

Whole Eggs, Icing sugar, almond powder, cake flour mix well and whisk up till fluffy. Beat up egg white and sugar become meringue. Fold well and add in melted butter. Grated tonka bean on top.

Nyangbo Tonka Cream

Make Anglaise infusing the gridded tonka beans. Pour the hot cream into the melted chocolate until perfect emulsion. Let crystallize completely in the refrigerator and pipe.

Almond Mousses

Blend the marzipan with 100g of the milk and the cream to homogenize the texture. Heat up the remaining milk to melt the gelatin and pour to the first mixture mixing well. When the almond milk reach 18ºC, add whipped cream.

Tonka Chantily

Infuse Tonka and make ganache. Chilled overnight and whipped for pipping.