Cacao Pod

Cacao Pod



Almond Nibs
g 500 Almond whole
g 150 Sugar (caramelized)

Reno Dark Chocolate
g 300 Reno Dark Chocolate 52%
(for Coating)
(Happy Cao for Dusting)
First, caramelize the sugar then cook together with the almond then let it cool. Enrobe the caramelized almond with tempered Reno chocolate, after this step, dust with Happy Cao.

Wonder Chocolate white
g 500 Wonder Chocolate white
Mix Wonder choc white with vanilla bean, using wire attachment until very fluffy and creamy texture. Pipe inside the Dobla Cocoa Bean Cup nicely. Then arrange the almond nibs on top of the cream. Decorate with gold leaf.


Download pdf (4kB)

Description will follow soon.