In the production of IRCA and Dobla  quality takes the highest priority. All of our employees are being trained on a regular basis on all quality matters. BRCS, ISO 14001 and all other standards are integrated in the way of thinking of all employees.  We are also able to produce Kosher under the supervision of the Rabbi. As a certified Rainforest Alliance buyer, IRCA and Dobla support better business practices, a better environment and a better life for cocoa farmers.

Product Group Allergens present from recipe
Sugar paste products Gluten
Marzipan products Nuts
White chocolate products Milk and soya
Milk chocolate products Milk and soya
Dark chocolate products Cups: soya - others: milk and soya
Coloured chocolate products Milk and soya

Unfortunately, you may not be satisfied with our chocolate decorations, despite our high quality standards and careful procedures. If you have a complaint, we ask you to fill in our complaint form.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is second nature to IRCA and Dobla.

We are BRCS and ISO 14001 certified. In addition, we are an Rainforest Alliance certified purchaser. This way IRCA and Dobla contributes to the development of cocoa farmers. We produce our products Kosher and Halal.

Our certificates - Belgium

All of Dobla's quality certificates are up-to-date. Please download them here:

Belgium - Production:

BRC 2022 Kessel.jpgRSPO_licentienummer_3.jpg


Belgium - Logistics:

BRC 2022 Meer.jpgrainforest_Cocoa_aangepast.jpgriskplaza.jpg


Our certificates - Asia/North America

All of Dobla's quality certificates are up-to-date. Please download them here:

North America:

Halal usaKosher USABRC 2022 Kessel.jpg


Halal AsiaKoshersgs_SA-8000.jpgSGS140001rainforest_Cocoa_aangepast.jpghalal-mui-logo-A88C9A098B-seeklogo.com.pngBRC 2022 Kessel.jpg