Trend & Concept

Refinement and elegance help create affordable luxury moments for consumers, who are seeking feel-good moments to balance the external influences they face daily. Inspired by this trend, we created this special collection.


Pure Elegance

We proudly present our New Pure Elgance Collection 2024. A special selection of exciting chocolate creations, for the finishing touch to your seasonal sweet delicacies.

Download the entire collection

Download the entire collection here.

The Dobla Touch

Dobla offers the finishing touch that turns any recipe creation into an exciting experience of indulgence. That’s what we call ‘The Dobla Touch’

Honey pineapple gateau
A New Take On The Classic Mille-Feuille
Coffee Arabica
Longueur Pistachio, Caramel Chocolate & Blood Orange
Tropical BaBa Bûche
Opera mocha, caramel & passion fruit
Black Rose chocolate with orange blossom water
Peanut & raspberry