Lady bug

This small chocolate bite is perfect next to a cup of coffee during a moment of celebration or self indulgence.



Chocolate Sable Breton
Egg Yolk 113
Sugar 185
Cake Flour 300
IRCA Cocoa Powder 30
Baking Powder 10
Salt 1
Unsalted Butter 225

Chocolate Flourless Sponge
Egg Yolk 150
Egg White 200
Sugar 240
IRCA Cocoa Powder 75

Raspberry Jam
Raspberry Puree 250
Sugar 125
Glucose 125
Sugar 50
Pectin Yellow 2.5
Lemon Puree 10

Chocolate Cremuex
Whipping Cream 125
Milk 125
Sugar 30
Egg Yolks 50
Dark Chocolate Ecuador 70% 120
Coffee Powder Instant Freeze 8

Milk Chocolate Mousses
Whipping Cream 118
Santo Domingo 38% 250
Whipped Cream 266
Gelatin 5
Water 20
Sea Salt Flake 1

Coffee Whipped Ganache
Whipping Cream (a) 83
Glucose Syrup 7
Trimoline 7
Santo Domingo 38% 150
Whipping Cream (b) 250
Coffee Powder 4
Sea Salt Flake 1


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Chocolate Sable Breton
- Whip egg yolk and sugar together.  Add in soft butter bit by bit. Lastly, fold in all dry ingredients.

Chocolate Flourless Sponge
- Whip egg yolk and 60g of sugar until thick and fluffy. Make a meringue with the remaining sugar and egg  whites. Fold cocoa powder into yolk mixture. Fold in meringue.

Chocolate Cremuex
- Make Crème Anglaise and blend well with chocolate.
Raspberry Jam
- Warm the puree, sugar with glucose till 45, add in pectin with sugar mixture cook till 104 c.

Milk Chocolate Mousses
-Boil the cream and pour into chocolate and blend well. Fold in whipped cream and follow by gelatin.
Coffee Whipped Ganache
- Boil the cream, trimoline and glucose, pour to chocolate and blend well with coffee powder and sea salt. Lastly blend in cold cream.